Dream Incubator Descriptions

Here’s a list of the Incubators. . . with some personal asides based on my recent experience of them.

Dream Clearing— great. . . it will bring up what is ready to go. . . which means all the garbage and junk— stored up and blocking both your dream life and your waking life. (7.33 mins.)

Dream Recall— delicious, one of my all-time favorites, stimulates intense dream images and better recall of all dreams. (8:39 mins.)

Dream Guidance— the one I described earlier, in which your future self (who is determined to help you get TO the future), responds to a request for help with whatever issue you present. (8:41 mins.)

Dream Healing—leads you to Epidauros, the healing center of the ancient world, to receive dreams that stimulate healing on inner and outer levels. Epidauros, on the Peloponnesus of Greece, was considered the navel of the world by the ancients. (8:48 mins.)

Dream Exploration— takes you into dream adventures where you explore other realms of consciousness while your body safely and comfortably sleeps. (10:55 mins.)

The Black Velvet Room— heaven for anyone in sensory overload. . . often leads to sensuous pleasure and deep, refreshing sleep— an antidote to a stressful life. (9:56 mins.)

Dreamsex— explore your own sexuality in the privacy and safety of the dream state. Opening the dream door to sexual fulfillment can also lead to greater vitality in your waking life. (last time we used this one my husband Henry dreamed about me!) (18:37 mins.)

The Corridor of Dreams— encourages dreams offering information about future projects and plans, including barriers to their success. (20:22 mins.)

Dreamlover— leads to a meeting in the dream state with an ideal lover, an aspect of self ready for integration, or to actual future lovers. (18:38 mins.)

The Dark Vessel— uses classic imagery of crossing an expanse of dark water to find the light. Very powerful. Valuable for the terminally ill, for those who want to contact dead friends and relatives, or who want to explore the after-death state. I also use it when I am confronting personal fears.