Merry Christmas and Happy New Blog!

Happy Happy Everything! We’re celebrating a movie star holiday in the Clark Gable and Carole Lombard suite at the historic Wolf Creek Inn in Wolf Creek, Oregon!

(Grandpa the Rott and Momi the Golden Retriever are with us courtesy of the techno artistry of Steven Rosenthal)

One year we sent out an elegant card of the Buddhas that sit at the edge of our lotus pond wearing festive Santa hats. People called us up. “Where are the dogs?” they complained. See my soon-to-be renovated website if you want to view the reviled Santa Buddhas (1996) and all 28 of our cards.

It’s almost Christmas in Hawaii, a little chilly in the outdoor shower this morning. Neighbors all have their lights up. The life-size crèche with baby Jesus and complete cast, which also features Santa on the roof of the stable along with sleigh and reindeer, is still our favorite! We live in an equal opportunity neighborhood.

There was another one, really creeped me out, but I haven’t seen it this year so maybe the dread termites did it in. . .  a Rudolph head with red lightbulb nose mounted on the front door of a house on Kam Highway. Here’s the icky part, it was an actual stuffed deer head with little short legs with hooves hanging down in front.

And the very local-style Hau’ula Christmas parade— a red pick-up with some hard miles on it drives around town horn honking, while three guys in red long johns and Santa hats ride in the back, merrily tossing out what appears to be left-over Halloween candy. We all rush out to yell and wave while neighborhood dogs bark and run alongside trying to bite the wheels.

SAVE the Date. This year’s Time Travel event is scheduled for Thursday, January 12 at 6:30 pm at the Elks Club in Honolulu. AND if you don’t live near enough to attend this fabulous event— a visionary meditation which guides you through the events of the coming year— which I’ve been offering each January for many years, there will soon be a do-it-yourself Time Travel Meditation mp3 file available here. . . with a complete set of directions.






This is me with my new business partner John Sterling Carter, (fondly gazing, then reacting to the computer actually taking pictures!) who is actively promoting and developing a number of my published and unpublished books as movies, tv series, and graphic novels. You can find synopses of all books and selected chapters here.                     .

That’s it. . . thanks for hanging in as I suffer the indignities of technohell. Send me your dreams, questions— “tell me, AliceAnne, what about those sex tips for the spiritually inclined you offered,” or “what did you mean when you said ‘watch out for soul mates?’” or “I want the Deep $$$$ Meditation! Need it Now! Need it Bad!” or any other fascinating and stimulating questions that occur to you.

LOOK at this gorgeous hibiscus blooming in a pot on our lanai! (My foot is there to give perspective of the true size.)





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10 Responses to Merry Christmas and Happy New Blog!

  1. Roy says:

    hi AA, what do you make of this dream?

    I was walking along a street with African American women, relatives of Michael Jackson? We were looking at his amazing fancy cars, parked along the sidewalk of Manhattan. One was old fashioned from the 1930s; another was a futuristic car, light blue, that unfolded like a bird’s wing. I was crying, feeling deeply how Michael remained so open as a person even though the people he met probably just wanted his money. I feel like I dreamt about this same thought before…

    • Roy says:

      hi AA, here’s my dream from the next day; not sure if they are related:

      I was in a well lit room with a marble/tile floor, and bouncing a soccer ball, when the ball bounce made the floor cave in, making a hole several feet wide, with the tiles being pulled towards the hole. In the open gap area, the foundation soil was several inches below the tile. I told others in the house about it, and they were pretty shocked. At one point two older men were there to listen to me. One of them looked like John Cleese? He grabbed a tool from an upper ledge and was going to another structure nearby to do something unrelated to the floor. I came back to the floor a few mins later and someone (or workers) had already covered it up, but I was able to pull back the roll of cloth/tarp to reveal the problem.

      • AA says:

        Ha! I think the two dream do connect: here’s what it says for “floor,” in Understand Your Dreams— associations: Foundation, basic elements/Ask Yourself: Where in my life do I want to create stability? The first dream reveals the problem I believe, the underlying fear, and the second dream says. . . “hey! Do you know there’s a big hole here that needs to be fixed?” And you pull back the role of cloth to reveal it! I love this. You’re determined to address the damage and get it fixed. Good dream work.

        It does annoy me that I can’t seem to get the comments to go directly below the dream I’m talking about— sorry for that.

    • AA says:

      I think I want to look at these two dreams separately. . . when you dream about a famous person, he or she usually represents a quality that you admire, desire, or fear. . . and interestingly enough, in this dream all three seem true. You clearly admire Michael Jackson’s ability to remain open, (and desire to be so open yourself), and then there’s some accompanying fear. . . maybe this— if I become as successful and well-known as I wish will people want to be close to me for the wrong reasons? Interest in my wealth, just wanting to be with me because I’ve done well. . . and so on. Think that’s the bottom line here, and the dream is giving you this info because these hidden feelings are in your way, blocking your healthy ambition and desire for success.

      • Roy says:

        Thanks for the insights AA!

        I’ve had some very vivid dreams lately and they remain so when I take the time to record them in my journal. If you’re interested, here are the ones from this morning:

        In one, I was an attorney or government agent in an office, collaborating with others about a case. A woman asked me what if the man had arrested himself, and I started thinking about the issues to try and analyze the situation. I think I even had to take a moment to figure out why that question was even relevant to whatever we were doing, but I didn’t want to look dumb by asking that so I started to go through an analysis and I felt the sun’s rays come through the window on my face, but because of the horizontal blinds the rays were in zebra formation. Very dramatic, almost like film lighting.

        In another, I was about to disembark either a cruise ship or a plane, but it looked very different than any normal vessel. It was huge, like a building. I walked to the front and somehow stood near the door even though it looked like there was a line on either side. Not really a line, but people in small groups of 2 or 3 behind curtained barriers (floor to ceiling) but the rest of the walkway was wide and open. The passengers were mostly Japanese in traditional clothes. I walked out and it was late afternoon. The buildings had a staid and grey feel to them, and made me feel like I was really in Japan. Older Japanese men in traditional garb were around. I was carrying a big blanket, and didn’t know who to give it. As I approached them, each one would initially make a gesture to get it from me, then back down for some reason like they didn’t really want to take it. I finally gave it to one man, who had rough hands but accepted it without any fuss. I then walked toward the town, and made a joke to a blonde girl, but I didn’t want to seem flirtatious so I sort of ignored her afterwards. Not sure why I did that. I was wondering where I was going to go and what to explore. I remember having that same question while on the vessel earlier, although I was looking forward to the exploration (maybe I made the joke to the blonde girl inside the vessel…that part is blurry).

        In another, I was walking around and saw two guys in long coats who looked like actors. We were all formally dressed for some function. I said hello and one guy mentioned he was in a tv show. Older guy, can’t remember the actor’s name I said, but I made a mistake and meant someone else. Anyway they were good natured and we talked about what it was like being there. I explained that I was there (Japan?) for a convention of attorneys and they mentioned that the guys on their table on the other side of the courtyard each had two Japanese? women with them. I looked over and one had a haole woman with him, perhaps his wife. I made a comment about that.

        AA: last Saturday I had a vivid set of dreams that might be fun to analyze because the images were so wild:

        I was with my son and we were in a countryside looking up a large road that was covered with snow. We wanted to ride it but I thought what a hassle to walk all the way up each time. Looked like some people were doing just that though. Someone lent me a sleeping bag? to slide down the snow. The dream changed before I actually did it.

        I was arranging for a girl to be given a movie ticket to some event, even while I was aware that a group of kids was going to make trouble. I went to the ticket booth and the staff person and an actor I know were both hiding, and I could only hear their voices. They were very frightened.

        I left to drive home but in the basement lot I had to look for my car. As I approached it, 2 Asian punks were torching it and glass was everywhere. I calmly called 911 as they ran (stupid I should have run after one of them) and police answered and asked my location. I had a hard time finding the cross streets to the nightclub I was at. One was Witt, and while looking I saw other signs but it was confusing. Someone pointed out a nightclub next to the one I was in. The sign said Sshadihl something and the cop immediately said “oh, the hooker” and the rest of the sign was a man’s name. Around me then were some black guys just chillin from nightclubbing. The street scene looked like Chinatown with poor lighting.

        Then I was riding in a car and one of the bad gang members was flying over on his motorbike and I could see him though the sun roof. We pointed at each other and I pulled him down. Somehow he wound up in the cab and I was in the bed of a pickup, and I was grabbing his finger to hold his arm, and about to fight him, when I woke up.

        • AA says:

          Hmmm, lots of material here and I’m going to do a quickie job on it. The first three reports are what I call “hauling the garbage” dreams—dreams in which we clear and process events of the day. In the first you try to analyze the situations and then have a moment of illumination, quite a beautiful one. Second, you have some confusion about appropriate behavior. . .give or not give?, flirt or not flirt? Third, you make a mistake, but it’s followed by good-natured banter.
          The second set of dreams are more complex: you want to have an exciting ride with your son. . . but don’t quite manage it. Next dream: trouble threatens. Next: trouble happens, and you behave appropriately, even though you wish you had been more aggressive. Finally, in the last one you actually nab the bad guy!
          I think it would be very useful with the last set to ask yourself what you felt during this sequence of dream events— not quite catching the ride, trouble coming. trouble happens, catch the bad guy— and then ask when you have the same feelings, in the same order, in your waking life. These dreams seem to be giving you some hints about a significant situation in your waking life. . . worth “pursuing,” (is that a bad pun?) in order to see what’s really what here.

  2. Cynthia says:

    What could eating a piece of a charred human mean in my dream?

    In a community of indigenous people, a member willingly takes a vessel, puts it up to his/her mouth, then ignites and burns to death. Moans…groans… I hear and see the pain and agony. His/her face melts as fire burns intensely resulting in a liquid that oozes into the vessel. He/she turns black and charred to a crisp. The people pass the vessel – drinking the nourishment needed to keep alive. I am the observer; an outsider not part of the “village.” I feel anguish to witness the death. I can smell the charred flesh. Yet, I sense that this Sacrificer is not afraid and wants to give to his/her people. I am told to eat the charred remains of the Sacrifer. Everyone is eating a piece. No NO NO I don’t want to…cannibals!!! Yet, I succumb because it is what all the others do. I take a bite. Ugh. Tastes like really burnt toast. Spit it out. Ugh. Guilt. Fear. Ugh. WAKE UP!

    This dream was so vivid. I can still see, smell, taste, hear, and feel the details of this dream that happened about 3 weeks ago. It haunts me. What does this mean?

    • AA says:

      Have you ever taken communion? I do anytime I’m present in a Catholic or Episcopal Church. . . figure it doesn’t hurt to participate in any spiritual ritual even though we’re accidental Buddhists! I love that the sacrifice in the dream produces the nourishment the others need for survival. The BIG question for you, darling one, is when and where in your waking life do you feel you must make a huge sacrifice for others you care for to be healthy. I know you’re going to be at the Evening of Time Travel next week. . . this will be a perfect time to look at the year ahead and see exactly what this dream pertains to!

  3. AA says:

    This is too good! Riding your bike down the sheer face of the cliff and making it! It’s a GREAT dream. Imagine that your friend represents the new aspects of yourself that you need for this important ride: let’s say she’s loyal, reserved and loves the outdoors (I’m cheating here because I asked Rachel to characterize this friend with three qualities), these are the qualities in yourself that allow you to go over the edge (usually you, one, fears the edge. . . the old falling dream, losing the thing you most want), but here you are successfully riding a bike (association with “self-propulsion” and “fun,” (see Understand Your Dreams, pg. 64), and it’s a rush. You don’t even look back. You’ve done it. Now… you might ask yourself where in your waking life you’re looking for just this kind of experience. The sheer joy of taking a big risk and making it. . . making it easily, because the dream is reminding you that you can do it. Love it.

  4. Rachel says:

    Wonderful post AA. I have enjoyed receiving all your great and creative cards over the years. Oh and I had an amazing dream that I wanted to share with you.

    I was with an old friend, Kris and we were riding bikes through the jungle. She was on the
    back of the bike and I was in steering in front. We got through some dense bushes and came up out of the foliage, right at an edge of a sheer cliff. I had the feeling that I’d been here
    before, so I went for it and rode the bike down the sheer face! It was a rush and we got to the bottom of the cliff, we were both safe and I stopped the bike in some dirt. I didn’t look back at the cliff, I just enjoyed the sense of accomplishment. Would love to hear what you think. Cheers, Rachel

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