reincarnation in process, tune in next week . . .

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2 Responses to reincarnation in process, tune in next week . . .

  1. AA says:

    Dreams that involve burglary, theft, stealing all connect with feelings of lack or need.
    The BIG question to ask is: what am I afraid of losing?— and in this dream, the answer is “everything!” So. . . take another step. . . you know the routine. List the feelings you had in the dream, in order. . . then ask yourself, when do I have these same feelings, in this order, in my waking life? I’m also interested in the line, “the house was tossed
    . . .”which suggests you’re ready to rid yourself of an old self-image, but it’s a pretty scary business. Still, that’s always good news!

  2. Nani Wahine o Ke Kai says:

    I dreamed my home was burglarized and everything was stolen. The house was tossed and a mess. What are your thoughts, Alice Anne?

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